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Thread: 6262 dyno Results and freeway vid p30

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2011-09-17 04:06:53
True, but I should note that pedal was kinda sloppy. It would require a lot of pedal travel to get the brakes to hit. Hopefully the Altima MC cures that issue. I'm using the stock B14 prop valves.
2011-09-17 04:15:30
the flappers in those dynomax mufflers get noisy and annoying after a while
2011-09-17 04:22:43
Originally Posted by Scrildo
the flappers in those dynomax mufflers get noisy and annoying after a while

It's been talked about on here that they fixed that issue.
2011-09-17 04:35:17
How recent was it talked about that they fix that issue?
2011-09-17 19:11:04
whats the overlapp on the 20vet cams?
2011-09-17 19:24:54
Originally Posted by Scrildo
How recent was it talked about that they fix that issue?
This is the first the forum had heard of the issue being fixed.

2011-09-17 23:45:06
Originally Posted by blo0d
whats the overlapp on the 20vet cams?

13* on VET cams on high lobes.
48* on 2.0ve cams on high lobes.
57* on 20V cams on high lobes.
70* on 1.6ve cams on high lobes.
78* on N1 cams on high lobes.

The bigger the overlap, the bigger the turbo should be generally. Of course, you can go "too big".
2011-09-18 03:33:25
I finished the hood pins. My wife doesn't like them, but maybe she will like the aerocatch pins with the carbon fiber hood. I hacked up my current hood to help rid some heat from under the hood. But for now, I have a set of $8 pins in there. They don't look that bad from 10' away.

Now I am looking at tires. The rear tires rub a bit when cornering very hard, time for fenders to get rolled.

I am looking at 225-45-17 but they just barely hit the strut on the front. Rather than run a spacer, I can just hit the strut where they rub and make clearance. Or I can step down to a smaller tire. So what does the "guy" in me wanna do? I'm wanting to take my hammer to it. Just the bottom part of the spring perch that the spring sits on. I wouldn't have this issue if I had coilovers...
2011-09-18 04:42:17
Hey, some dyno graphs to discuss. Here is a dyno comparing my 2.0 cam 24psi (on a bad motor) vs 1.6 cam on the current motor at 12-13psi. Look at the heap of torque in the mid-range. That was with 2 cylinders at 90psi compression!

Here is a graph comparing the log/VET cams setup on 24psi, vs the 1.6 tubular 1.06ar setup. 13psi vs 24psi. Here you can see the VVL on the VET cams kick at 6500rpm. And on the 1.6 cams it kicks at 4500rpm.

16psi log manifold setup. Nice flat torque curve, all the way up.

I cannot wait for the new cams. I would really like to break 500whp some day in this car. I don't care if it is a dyno queen number. I just wanna see it get hit, and drag race it. But I am slowing working towards getting it at Miller Motorsports and having some fun.
2011-09-18 04:52:22
Found it! My 1.06 vs .78ar housing dyno comparison sheet. Granted, this is on the VET cams!

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