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Thread: the best stock sr20 oil pump

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2011-08-23 07:50:11
the best stock sr20 oil pump
what is the best stock sr20 oil pump for the turbo sr20det + sr20ve head (9000rpm 750hp)

some people tol me that the p11 sr20ve pump is the best, but I cannot find the link.
2011-08-23 08:18:16
lol search man search. There are tons of threads about this discussion.

The VE and GTIR oil pumps are similar in performance and both are the best stock pumps.

VE is a higher pressure pump than the GTIR. The GTIR pump is a slightly higher volume pump. Both would work fine for what you want. I would just go with the VE and be done with it.
2011-08-23 23:48:31
Didn't I document in my build thread the difference in the VVL and GTiR pumps?

the VVL is a better design. Both are versions of the high flow pump, but the VVL has smoother entry angle and will flow more. As far as pressures, I am not sure what the spring rate is like on either pump. But I didn't really notice much pressure difference between the two.

At high rpm the smoother flowing VVL pump will likely work better.
2011-08-23 23:53:19
2011-08-23 23:58:18
clicking links is hard. Here are the pics.

On the GTIR there is only one oil hole here.

Here is the Ve pump. You can see 2 oil holes in the same place

Take notice here on the back. The oil inlet on the VE has roughly a 30* angle slope in it right about 2" inside the pump. The GTIR hits about a 80* angle. The flow characteristics of the VE pump are improved here. Too bad I couldn't find a working VE pump.

Here you can see a slope for the oil to smoothly enter the pump.

But on the GTIR pump you can see the oil practically hits a wall upon entry.

You can see from the outside of the GTIR pump the sharp turn in cast into the pump.

So the differences are noticeable but considering how many 90* angles the oil has to pass through inside the block, the flow difference is negligible. Once the oil comes out of the pump it has to turn 90* 2" into the block in order to go through the oil filter housing and another 180* to get back into the block. Go ve pump when you can, but if you can't you prob won't notice a difference unless you are revving really really high.
2011-08-24 06:18:36
A LOT OF THANKS !!!! GUYS!!! The great help !!!!

we are going to the final of the Russian Drag championship september 24.

you can read some info here about our project http://www.sr20-forum.com/turbo/47683-russian-gti-r-rnn14-sr18det-10-64-going-vet.html
2011-08-24 06:24:37
There is only one question

can we use 10w60 oil or the 20w60 is a must when we go 800hp - ?
2011-08-24 07:27:03
should be fine. I run mobil 1 15w50 in mine that had over 500whp and put 11k miles of torture on it and bearings were absolutely perfect when i tore it down for inspection.
2011-08-24 07:28:47
Remember the first number is related to cold viscosity and the second number is the hot rating. So either 60 weight oil will be fine and good luck with the project.
2011-08-24 07:38:12
im using a sr20vet oil pump from a GT X trail

think all the ve oil pumps are the same as each other

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