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Thread: vacuum help pleasee

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2011-08-13 20:12:46
vacuum help pleasee
I followed this diagram perfectly on a bluebird sentra b13


car was driving normally for a while. however I always felt like i had a boost leak. ( car was running very rich, and every time I let off the gas the engine felt like it was going to die and then it would spring back to regular idle)

now recently my friend and I were messing around with all the vacuum lines and we switched around a bunch of the lines. now my car no longer feels like it has a boost leak. it doesnt try to die on me anymore. now I have the boost gauge line running to the same source as the charcoal canister used to get its vacuum from and the gauge no longer works properly. when the throttle plate is closed, gauge reads 0 psi.

so can anybody tell me how your vacuum lines are setup? I need a setup that is KNOWN for a FACT to be correct because I thought the diagram above would fix some problems but I'm guessing the diagram is incorrect or something.

alllll help is greatly appreciated.
2011-08-13 23:28:05
Its because the line to the charcoal canister source is off a nipple on the throttle body that is in front of the throttle body not on the plenum side. It will see a boost reading but not vac. You need to have it on one of the nipples on the plenum if you want to see a vac reading. There are normally 4 total nipples on the jdm de's and det's one at a downward angle on the back side lower part of the plenum by the throttle body, then one at an upward angle on that same side, one for the fuel pressure regulator thats on either the top side of the throttle body on the plenum or on the side of the throttle body closest to the radiator (cant remember off hand) then the big one for the Brake booster. The ones under the throttle body that are actually part of the throttle body are before the throttle plate which normally feeds all your emissions stuff.

Anyways just find a proper vac source and be good.
2011-08-16 12:35:09
Damn cory, didnt i tell you to come back so i can finish that shit!
2011-08-16 12:59:38
Did you not have your IACV/AAC line hooked up to the pressure side of the intercooler piping?
2011-08-20 16:44:44
as soon as it stops rainging I'm going to post exactly how I have my vacuum setup. maybe one of the gurus can tell me what I did wrong
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