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Thread: Iacv issues with blow-through setup

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2011-06-24 17:31:26
YEah, that part! Run intake pipe to that part above, then run out of that part above to the idle control valve and then run idle control valve to the intake manifold.

2011-06-24 21:31:48
Yea sorry that's what I meant. Yes I'm running that valve in the picture. And on a stock setup that valve and the iacv have the same feed but have separate outlets to the intake manifold. If I run the inlet hose from the charge pipe to the aac valve pictured and then from the aac to the iacv, when the aac closes after a couple minutes the iacv will get no air at all and it will stop the engine right?
2011-06-25 02:43:26
Look at a stock manifold and you will see that it works that way. That valve is open at idle. If I had any stock manifolds laying around I would snap a pic, but i am almost certain it will show that one feeds the other.

2011-06-25 02:55:51
The line is embedded into the intake manifold, but it runs straight to the IACV AAC valve.

Look at the connection on the right, that's where it goes into the intake manifold and then comes out at the throttle body to feed into the intake.
2011-06-25 13:19:25
Here are pictures of my old highport plenum. You can see in the first pic the feed for both from the intake piping is on the left, the feed for the AAC is in the middle, which is from the same feed for the IACV. Then you can see the outlet from the AAC goes to the plenum next to, but not inline with the IACV.

In this one you can see the relation of the IACV location to the AAC outlet.

This one shows the inside of the plenum, and you can see the tube from the AAC is separate from the IACV. They only share the same feed from the intake piping.

I know for a fact the AAC is closed after a couple minutes of the engine running, it's only there for cold starts when the engine needs more air. I have no clue what's going on with mine and why it keeps going through IACV valves. It's always the same thing, I will get it idling great for a few weeks, then while driving it the idle will randomly start acting weird, and the CEL comes on for the IACV and it never idles the same until I replace it. I'm getting sick of going through these all the time.
2011-06-27 16:21:40
Does anyone know if the inside of the IACV-AAC is supposed to move? I imagine it is supposed to but when I took my iacv apart, the part the spring and plunger push against is solid and does no move.
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