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Thread: Exhaust leak at manifold

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2011-06-19 05:15:15
Exhaust leak at manifold
I suspect I have an exhaust leak because my car has gotten severely louder over the past few weeks, my idle is randomly unstable at times and I'm getting a knock sensor code.

I have checked the rest of the exhaust system and everything looks good which makes me suspect the leak is somewhere between the exhaust manifold, turbo flange or j pipe.

The question though is how do I figure out where it's leaking from? I know for vacuum leaks you can use starting fluid but what's the trick for exhaust leaks? I heard about putting my hand near the manifold (cold start) but I don't really think that's an effective way.

Basically how do I do this with an DIY method that doesn't involve a trip to a shop to use a smoke machine.
2011-06-19 14:04:39
I usually use my hand to check for leaks. Also you can usually see the carbon deposits around the are its leaking from. You can also soapy water on start up. you will have to be quick because of the exhaust heat. You could also just inspect the gaskets.
2011-06-20 04:12:36
just had to fix an exhaust leak on mine ended up being the exhaust mani gasket like contrim said stick ur hand and see if u feel air, careful tho it gets hot quick.
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