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Thread: Usable turbo? You make the call.

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2011-06-19 16:53:49
No. He hasn't logged in since the 10th though, so I am hoping he gets my message soon.
2011-06-19 16:59:20
Who sold you the turbo?
2011-06-19 17:22:47
You always gotta open the box and look at the parts asap. I know u are busy and that you know that but whoever sold you the turbo knew it was junk or was not smart. I reckon it was the former.
2011-06-19 17:30:18
Originally Posted by blairellis
The bad thing is I've had it since the middle of January and just now got around to working on separating the parts out to put on my Full Race manifold. I've been busy with other things since then and hadn't paid attention to it so filing a Paypal dispute is way out of the question too.

...now I am going to be out of about 400 bucks that I paid for this.

Granted, folks should check parts when they recieve them.

However, I don't. You did not. Lot's of folks "save up or store" parts in a big pile before the modifications begin. It's part of the fun.

I did not figure out that my favorite vendor sent me the wrong rear rotors for my all-Nissan brake upgrade. I bought them maybe 3 or 4-months back (at least). They are drilled for 5-lug, not 4-lug. I even ripped open the damn package and posted the pics (LOL). No one caught it. Except Mike, my mechanic, when in the middle of the swap. Needless to say, Greg V is sending the correct rotors post haste, and no issues with the mistake on either end of the transaction.

I would not use that turbo in a million years. No way, no how it would be installed on my Classic.

If that turbo was not discussed and disclosed as damaged before it was sold, I'd have an issue with it, and the Seller, even if the financial transaction happened 3-6 months ago.

You have a fully legitimate complaint Blair.

Shawn B
2011-06-22 16:29:11
Talked to the seller and he said he would refund my money.
2011-06-22 17:23:23
Originally Posted by blairellis
Talked to the seller and he said he would refund my money.

That is excellent, a stand-up seller, and how it should be.

And we both need to start checking parts when they arrive.
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