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Thread: Turbo AC Help, PLEASE!

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2011-06-14 23:14:47
Turbo AC Help, PLEASE!
I recently turbo charged my B13 and the turbo manifold melted a hole in the rubber low pressure ac line. My car was originally a 1.6 liter, then swapped to the SR, then bolted on the avenir T25 kit. I ended up buying a new low pressure line from a NX2000 but it did not fit. I then bought a 1.6 line and it did not fit either. Could someone please help me out? What ac system do I actually have? What ac line do I actually need? Would i be better off getting another compressor? If so, would the high pressure line I currently have work?

Here is a picture of all three lines. From the left: stock (I thought), nx2000, b13 1.6 liter.

This is my stock line bolted to my stock compressor.

This is the NX line up to my stock compressor.

This is the GA1.6 liter line up to my stock compressor.

This is the compressor.

The nx and 1.6 lines both have larger openings than mt stock line and compressor. Why?

If someone could please help shed some light on this situation I would really appreciate it. It is hot outside.
2011-06-15 00:20:39
the Ac compressor pictured is from a 91-92 1.6 sentra ,

the NX line did not fit cause that line is for a 1993 NX2000 the one that goes straight down .

the AC line that you need has to be from a 91-92 1.6 sentra/NX only .

the AC system is diffrent in the 91/92 compared to 93/94 sentras .
2011-06-15 02:04:57
^^^^^^^ 100% agree 91-92 1.6 sentra this was what i did on 3 of my builds
2011-06-15 02:14:43
I really appreciate your help guys. I will get that new line asap.
2011-06-19 12:58:42
New line is on! I had to do a little bending to get it to clear the frame and alternator but it's on! I am going to charge it today. Thanks again!
2011-06-19 13:21:48
Cool deal , AC here u come !
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