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Thread: sr20ve-t oil feed line/fitting

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2011-06-14 08:43:00
sr20ve-t oil feed line/fitting
Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of switching over from my blown gtir motor to a sr20ve-t setup. I've read in various places that due to the high oil pressure of the sr20ve, its a good idea to use a restrictor for the oil feed line (turbo is Precision 6262 - journal bearing). So here's my questions:

1)Can someone verify if a restrictor is needed and and if so what size would be required? In addition, would this be influenced by whether a -3an or -4an braided line is used? Please make recommendation for line size.

2) Does anyone know the oil feed thread size on the Precision 6262 turbo?
2011-06-14 12:54:17
No, a restrictor is not absolutely needed. I am running a GTi-R journal bearing turbo with a VE oil pump and no restrictor and I have no issues. You're exactly right though that the size of the oil feed line is important*. I have an -3AN turbo oil feed line. Because of that, I don't absolutely need a restrictor. If you're using a -4AN turbo oil feed line then you will (and probably already did) need a restrictor. If you're running a ball bearing turbo the need for a restrictor is more important. See the link at the bottom.
Also the larger the turbo, the less likely you are to run into problems because they tend to have larger, higher flowing oil drains.

As for the size you'll need. Ask Vadim. He just went through the same thing.

Can't help you on the Precision 6262 thread size, sorry.

*Although not as important as the flow capacity of the oil drain. With a huge drain you can run whatever size line you want with no restrictor basically. The reason people need restrictors is to prevent the oil drain from being overwelmed and backing up, stopping the flow of oil through the turbo and causing the oil to break through the seals.

Or in the case of BB turbos it can be necessary to keep the pressure down.
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2011-06-14 19:10:37
Thanks Ben, that makes sense. I think I will just go ahead and use the -3an line then.
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