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Thread: Boiling coolant

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2011-08-25 15:37:58
its been over a month and about time i did a compression test....

got the car up to 179F idling (man i love his new gauge)

and 152-149-150-155
2011-08-26 20:16:10
Originally Posted by NJse-r
I may get flamed for this but does it make sense to just get another motor instead of replacing the headgasket? I have replaced a couple head gaskets in a number of different motors in my day and it is my experience that it is more trouble than it is worth, especially when SR20 motors are so cheap. Disassemble half the motor, take the head off, check if it is warped, mill it anyway because if it blows again you will kick yourself. Clean the block until your fingers hurt, it is such a time consuming pain in the arse. It is also in my opinion that once a motor blows the headgasket/overheats it is never the same. The internals get too hot and do weird things, it is the worst thing that can happen to the motor besides throwing parts through the block etc. I would just get another motor, which would also most likely have lower miles anyway.

This is what I do! My old DET is sitting in the garage right now. I just swapped it out with another DET. This one was built though. So try to upgrade where you can even though your saving time.
2011-08-26 21:44:23
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
good luck. Hope it doesnt take you over a month like it did me.

i can't take that long.....mine is my DD....hehe
i get 3 days off every week so i'll have 3 days to figure it out....LOL
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