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Thread: DET swapped P11 problems....

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2011-05-19 04:45:35
DET swapped P11 problems....
Ok... I have a DET swapped P11 running a nistune daughterboard. The car has been running great and I noticed a week or so ago when I'd get close to boost the temp gauge would slow drop and once I let off it would go back to normal. Idk if this has anything to do with the real problem or not lol. Sooo, the other day I was getting on the highway and around half throttle (getting ready to hit boost) the car just stumbled and wouldn't boost. I slowly got up to speed and tried to give enough throttle to get into boost and it stumbled again. I get off the highway and the engine stalls as I come to a stop. I tried restarting and nothing. After my basketball game we go back to the car and it eventually starts but doesn't really want to idle on its own. I was able to limp it to my buddies house close by.

We've swapped mafs, no change (z32). Pressure tested the system, no change. No vac leaks. Swapped Ecu's (nistune to jwt tuned for my mods), no change. Pulled the injectors (sti injectors) no leaks. FPR appears to be functioning normally, fuel pressure is where it should be. We've tightened up/repaired some shotty grounds, no change. Pulling the plug wires didn't change the "miss" while revving. Pulled the plugs and they looked fine, after checking them again tonight they are turning pretty black (as expected at this point)

Once the car does start it will sort of idle, under load the engine will cutout/studder/stumble/loadup/run rich as shit. Idk what to do at this point, I'm running out of ideas as are my friends helping. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
2011-05-19 14:56:14
sounds like a fuel cut issue (sorry to point out the obvious). I had this issue for a couple months on my b13 with a de+t. did you try checking timing or cap and rotor? That could cause you to run rich as hell and missfire. (unless you have cpacks and a cas*)
2011-05-19 15:03:10
I will do what I can to find a working obd2 distributor and working cap... That car is Pissing me OFFFFFFFFF! Bump for Clint.

if that's what it is I'm kicking a dent in something. And give me the old busted one so I can fastball that chit into my garage wall...

Also I moved this to the turbo section...
Last edited by Meeners on 2011-05-19 at 15-33-51.
2011-05-19 16:40:37
FUnny, I am boosting my P11 at this moment. HOWEVER, I have seen this in the past and it was the distributor. Twice I have seen this, once it was a bad rotor, once it was a bad distributor. I would start there. With all the rain, that seal can go bad and water or moisture gets in there and causes all sorts of issues.

2011-05-19 17:06:55
Thanks meeners! Eurokid21 I think I bought your z32 maf lol. Thanks coach, it looks like the distributor will be the next thing we check. I appreciate fellas!! I miss my G !!
2011-05-19 17:37:55
OMG I'm gonna be so pissed... I'm crossing my fingers that its the dizzy... At least all your grounds are good, your pipes hold pressure, you know you have spark, your ecu's are good, etc etc etc.
2011-05-19 18:21:47
Originally Posted by XxToKeSxX
OMG I'm gonna be so pissed... I'm crossing my fingers that its the dizzy... At least all your grounds are good, your pipes hold pressure, you know you have spark, your ecu's are good, etc etc etc.

lol yea... I didn't realize how much we've all went over till last night when I was making this thread. We'll get it I'm sure, if not I'll blow it up
2011-05-21 15:56:41
Went through the same thing. Distributor for sure it sounds like.
2011-05-21 17:58:26
haha yeah ya did, my bad, didn't know your name on here =p.

oh and i sort of have a working obd2 dizzy... couldnt get one of the bolts on the cap out so I just broke it off =p needs a cap but it's in working orderish. I was doing some messin around with it. The plastic for the plug is broken off to, but I can give it to ya for free so you can at least troubleshoot your problem.
2011-05-22 21:42:32
UPDATE.... Well... I replaced the rotor button and cap which didn't do anything. I found another distributor and swapped it in with the new rotor button and cap and she's running like a champ!!!
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