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Thread: Product price opinions ....

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2011-05-16 04:12:16
Product price opinions ....
These are all just hypothetical ?s

What do you guys think is a fair ( resonable price ) as far as stainless turbo manifolds like the sidewinder and sst manifolds that Lovefab offers ?? and what other styles of manifold would you think as a community we would like to see ....bottem mount twin scroll , t2 equal legnth/gtir placment ( with possibly a external WG )

I have also thought of putting my torque plate to more use ....and trying to offer budget built blocks/complete motors....what do you guys think is good price point for a budget built motor ....using stock rods (det or gtir rods on vet apps ) with ARP bolts and forged pistons....all fresh honed ( bored as needed) decked and line honed ....

I have been thinking of doing a small buisness venture , and doing what I can to make som of the things in our comunity more avalible to all , and do what I can to offer the the best price possible on all things SR related .....
2011-05-16 12:36:15
I think a bottom mount TS is a great idea, wastegate placement is going to be interesting though. I think most feel comfortable in the $1200-$1500 range max. Simpler designs should be around $1000 or less.

Built engine $2000-$2500 i would imagine to be a very reasonable cost.
2011-05-16 12:45:11
I agree with Coheed. Those are reasonable prices. Who knows if the market can bear them though?
2011-05-16 14:29:54
That is the problem I am seeing .....I just dont know if the market is still there ....most that have the money to build a car requireing a built motor have the ability to build there own ....
2011-05-16 14:40:25
Yep... Unless you move up market to BMW, Porsche, etc.
People there have the money, but not the know-how or the time/desire.
2011-05-16 17:16:03
If you get into this. You should DEFINITELY have a usable core charge. It keeps business moving faster, but also keeps costs down (on your end).
2011-05-16 17:35:24
I was looking @ that ..I would keep one of each style of block ready to assemble to customer spec ..... and I have been talking to PTE about becoming a dealer as well as trying to get Tial as well ...I would love to offer the SR family the best prices and services with what I believe are the best products out there , all with one call ...from a person most know.......I am not trying make a living just a few bucks ..and some more killer cars in our community..
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