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Thread: Nismo FPR Info

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2011-05-13 13:50:30
Nismo FPR Info
Hi guys, I've read several threads about the Nismo FPR and as more as I read more questions come to mind!

Basically the question I have is regarding the vacuum line. I can see that some people set their Nismo FPR with or w/o the vacuum line. But when the vacuum line is off and you want to keep it that way what should be done?

I can just use a little piece of tape or something to fill the vacuum line from the intake manifold but what happens with the Nismo FPR? Can I just leave it with out anything on it? (I mean the vacuum line)

I hope I'm clear enough
2011-05-13 13:53:07
If you don't want to use a vacuum line on the FPR (I can't even fathom a reason why you would want to do that) then you can just leave that port alone. Tape over it too if you want. Do you know what you're doing though? Are you aware of what will happen to your fuel pressure without that line?

Tape on the intake manifold sounds like a poor solution though. I would put a real cap on there that can hold some pressure.
2011-05-13 14:19:45
If you go that route, I am pretty sure the car will die whenever you don't have your foot on the gas. I remember that line popping off on my gtir, and the car would only run as long as I constantly fed it gas. This is not smart for obvious reasons.
2011-05-13 14:35:07
Areomotive FTW!
2011-05-13 16:24:53
Actually the vacuum line is something I don't have very clear and that is the reason why I'm asking... I just want to learn!

Actually a moment after write this post I realized this would be a big mistake but thanks for your answers! I got confused cuz I can see that many people set their FPR without the vacuum line but seems like that is just for setting purposes, after that they connect it back.
2011-05-13 16:30:30
Originally Posted by Briceño
many people set their FPR without the vacuum line but seems like that is just for setting purposes, after that they connect it back.

2011-05-15 04:08:51
Where are you located in Costa Rica ?
2011-05-16 13:51:01
Originally Posted by Loek
Where are you located in Costa Rica ?

Mae I'm in San Jose. Actually I was part of the NissanClubCr but not anymore cuz several personal reasons. I'm pretty sure I wrote you something first time you made a post on that web page. Merlin, the one who bought you the headers is a very good friend of mine. Actually I'd really like to see you car, we should have a drink or something sometime
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