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Thread: Fan Recomendation

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2011-07-07 04:31:50
Hey Vadim I thought the G was for the wifey?
2011-07-07 06:43:35
Originally Posted by xavi1320t
Hey Vadim I thought the G was for the wifey?

One is, I got myself one last year too, sold the Sentra as a rolling chassis. Was going to use the DET in my G20, but ended up going VE-T in hopes of better gas mileage .
2011-07-07 20:07:32
Originally Posted by Vadim
I got that from one of the Honda owners I know, maybe their cars are a bit different. I noticed with AC on fan is always on, moving or not, 210*F or not. I'm trying to get the temps up to 215*F while driving and then turn ac off and see if fans are staying on.

I rebled the system, went by P11's FSM instructions (they seem to be slightly different with every year :rofl. The car barely got to 210 while driving with AC on, the temps dropped off very quickly though. When I was standing, I did get up to 220*F. Thus my 12" fans are not enough. Time for some 14"

You will have to block off airflow to your radiator by putting a piece of cardboard or something in front of it to get temps up whilst driving.

2011-08-09 14:28:36
I picked up a Koyo radiator since my OEM cracked under the heat. Could only fit 2 12" fans in there, and even then one of the wires melted off from the exhaust heat.

Time for some thinner better fans... Spal or Flexalite.

I'm wanting to front mount the slim fans, doesn't seem like I can get away with 12" because of the intercooler, but am afraid 10" would be took week. Anyone here run front mounted slim fans on turbo with AC?
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2011-08-09 15:17:03
I too am under the impression that above 10-20 MPH the fans turn off (unless A/C is on). No freakin' way do they blow air faster than 20 MPH. And yah, the ECU has speed data, so it's not that hard to imagine.
Maybe Nissan didn't do it this way on these cars? Plenty of cars turn the fans off above a rolling speed though from what I have gathered.
2011-08-09 15:48:09
Nissan does turn them off, there is a table that shows you what speeds ETC. I had to run my fans at 70mph to be able to keep the car coolwith the stock radiator though.
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