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Thread: Dyno predictions - Thursday night

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2011-03-04 06:04:36
Thanks guys. I definitely left with a smile on my face. I made a mistake, the test pipe was on (no cat), but my 3" exhaust narrows down to a crappy 2.25" muffler. I will be putting the 3" magnaflow muffler I have in the garage back on. I imagine I will still pick up some power as it was a restriction.

As far as the water/meth, only running windshield washer fluid that has about 38% meth in it. I am going to buy Snow Performance Boost Juice, which is a near 50/50 mix.

I am running the .84ar turbine size. I am injecting about 12-14" from the TB. I would need to look up the injector size, but it was the 300hp recommended size. I will ask them if I should up the size. Intake mani stayed nice and cool, even after 9 dyno runs.

The big hiccup of the night was the JWT ECU. Ultimately, it performed great. However, I was told it was a 3bar program. Turns out, it was a 4bar program. Got the fuel pressure dialed in, and it was good to go. Rock solid A/F. Very impressed.

Here is the graph. I overlayed A/F and Boost on it as well. Came in and put down 220 on 8psi. Left with 100whp more

2011-03-04 07:02:37
2.25" is a MAJOR restriction.... you don't know what size injectors you are running? thats pretty scary. if they are the "300hp" injectors, they are probably 370cc at 4 bar fp, which means you are maxing them out

EDIT: your sig says 555cc injectors, that makes more sense
2011-03-04 07:12:54
When I said that I was referring to the size of the water injection nozzle Sorry about that lol.
2011-03-04 11:38:15
Nice what was the boost at when you left?
2011-03-04 11:58:51
fix the muffler and use a 50/50 mix then you can mess with the timing. I bet there is another 30-35whp to be gained. If you plan on keeping this setup I would go external gate. it really helps out small turbos.
2011-03-04 15:51:53
Changing the muffler out today. Also ordered a four gallon Boost Juice pack last night before bed. I would definitely consider going EWG in the future. I will hit the dyno again in the next week or two with the small changes.

I left with the car boosting 19/16, as in the graph above.
2011-03-05 00:37:55
One problem fixed. The dual tip muffler was 2.5", so not as bad as I thought. However, the entire rest of the system is mandrel bent 3", so there is still some power to be gained. It feels smoother already, and quieter.

2011-03-05 00:44:47
2011-03-05 01:15:27
Dont forget to rotate your tires. And fix your freakin lights, lol.
2011-03-09 04:03:33
So when is the next pull?
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