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Thread: Jwt Ecu Question

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2011-02-23 20:12:44
Jwt Ecu Question
I bought a t25 turbo kit for my 98 b14 ser and found a jwt ecu off the forum. Only thing is the ecu is programmed for a 95-97 ser and my car is a 98. Will that have on affect on anything? They are both obd2 which makes me think itll work fine, but I want to be certain before I spend the money for it.
2011-02-23 20:28:26
Still a B14 (obd2) chassis! Just verify that it's programmed for T25/9:5.1/370cc/and whatever MAF you're running.
2011-02-23 20:32:46
^^ Not true.

The 95-97 OBD2 system is different from the 98 onwards

In order to run a 95-97 OBD2 ecu on a 98, you will have to repin the ecu for the EGR system and Rear O2 sensor as well as rewiring the rear O2 sensor (from 4 wire to 3 wire, if I remember correctly)

If not done, you will throw several codes:
1) For EGR system (if not already removed by JWT)
2) Rear O2 sensor (again, if not already removed by JWT)

Look up the JWT wiring scheme for the correct setup (I do not have a link to it currently)

Now, the car will run fine, you will just not be able to pass either emission or state inspection with a CEL lit up in the cluster
2011-02-23 20:45:46
So basically, this ecu will not be runable unless I have it sent back out to jwt to be reprogrammed. Any other alternatives to ecu's that I can run for my set up that won't cost a fortune?
2011-02-23 21:01:11
The ECU will work but as mentioned check on the jWT site they have the wiring diagram.

Chances are the ecu has the EGR and rear 02 sensor removed

If you open the ecu it will have a 3 digit number, give them a call ask for Ben and tell him the number he will be able to tell you what its programed for .

you should do this first before buying other stuff you might not neeed.

worst case just send it back to JWT and reprogram for $100 for what ever your set up is.

Another option is find a 95-97 harness and you wont have that issue
2011-02-23 21:10:34
Originally Posted by dganic23
So basically, this ecu will not be runable unless I have it sent back out to jwt to be reprogrammed. Any other alternatives to ecu's that I can run for my set up that won't cost a fortune?

Did you even read anything I typed.................
But if you didn't catch it n(or I was not clear enough).......

Now, the car will run fine,

The car will run, drive, etc (if the tune on the ecu matched up to your setup). It will just throw a few codes (non of these affect drive-ability to an significant effect)
Last edited by Boostlee on 2011-02-23 at 21-14-52.
2011-02-23 21:26:26
Sorry, let me rephrase myself. When I said it will not be runable, I meant that it would throw Cel's which I dont want since I still have to pass emissions. Hence why I said it was not runable for my situation. If I do go this rroute, I would rather have it sent back to jwt to be re-tuned, but the only problem with that would be the waiting time.

Besides Jwt, what would you guys recommend as a good option. Im not trying to spend a lot, but if its reeally worth it, than I might just have to go with it.
2011-02-23 21:34:40
Again, as I said, look up for the JWT wiring diagram and re-pin the 3 wires at the ecu necessary to not throw any codes in addition to running a resistor in the egr temp sensor harness (or just leave it plugged in) and swap the wires in the rear O2 sensor. It should be 1 hour worth of work, max, and possibly less than $10 in hardware.

The 98 ECU/harness is just a little bit more tricky than the 95-97, but as mentioned, there are ways around the issue. There are not that many (cheap) options out there around this issue.

Actually, I think JWT has it (the proper ecu wiring and O2 setup) on their site directly to save you the headache
2011-02-23 21:38:42
Thanks for the help Boostlee.
2011-02-23 21:42:03
Not a problem at all!!

P.S. Listen to what Rod said and give JWT a call before you do any of this to confirm what type tune and options delete the ecu has

Good luck
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