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Thread: Would you run these cams?

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2011-02-19 07:58:51
If you think about how the cam actually works and as others stated, file it down to be smooth, I would not see 1 thing wrong with running them.
2011-02-19 10:41:28
how much did you get them for? On my current engine I might run them, since its old and tired anyway, but I would smooth the edges out with a steel brush on my Dremel to reduce the sheering force put on the rockers. Not worth it on a decent motor though.
2011-02-19 15:37:18
What type of cams are these anyways, from the pics they look like s4's or s3's. Again get rid of any material sticking up above the lobe with a file and throw them in and pop the valve cover 1000 miles later and check the rocker. If its good then beat the hell out of it and dont worry. I would run them in my built motor and have run cams with damage like that in my motor already when that happened with my s4's when i broke my axle and reved to the moon. Shattered my #3 intake rocker and dinged the cam up pretty good. Took a file to it, put a new rocker in and never had any wear on the rocker after that. I sold them to someone on here and they had no problem with it.

Rockers popping out is normal during an over rev. If it were a stock cam id say change it but a jwt cam. hell no. Not many people here have an extra 400-600 to replace a set of jwt cams just because of some dings.
2011-02-19 15:44:27
When they say file it smooth, they mean finish off with emery cloth or something very high grit. You want those things to look polished. Better yet, finish off with some polish.
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2011-02-19 17:11:51
what cams are they?
2011-02-19 17:53:33
I would use a file or sanding drum to smooth out the edge of the lobe. Then I would use a dremel with polishing compound on the lobe face. I had to do this on my old s4's after I shattered a intake rocker on a over rev. I also replaced the rocker arms and had no further issues.
2011-02-19 18:51:33
Ashton they are my old s3's

I really do want them back lol, i sold them at the time with different plans but now its either a set of these or bc stage 2's
2011-02-19 19:14:19
eh, i would just get a set of s4's and be done.
2011-02-19 20:58:54
BC stage 2's are fantastic cams. I have them in my car right now.
2011-02-19 23:26:20
The car is being built for response so S4 cams arnt what I'm looking for. What you guys say use a file, just a regular file or a soft metal file or something along those lines?
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