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Thread: new to turbo

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2011-02-15 21:59:49
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Speaking of small turbos, I've always thought the T25 and T28 were too small for the VE. Engines seem to be most happy when you double their N/A output with a turbo. Less than that and I feel like the engine isn't happy, usually due to high exhaust back-pressure. The smallest I'd go on the VE is a GT28xx turbo and I'd try to make at least 340 WHP.
Not trying to go too far off topic. =(

i hear ya man but not lookin to do any major motor work (sleeving) on a DD to make sure nuttin goes wrong.
2011-02-15 22:01:25
Originally Posted by STRATTON
id leave her as she is now.

stock ve's arent as strong as de's. t25's create alot of heat wich will dercrease the longevity of your motor.

if you wanna go ve+t id recommend a build, and if you dont want to build, go de+t.

thats my honest advice.

good luck on either account.


thanks man besides i beat the shit outta my cars whenever i drive em' no need to drive miss daisy
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