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Thread: What belt do i use with no ac?

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2011-02-13 14:51:45
You need to re read what I posted in this thread like three times about DIFFERENT SIZED PULLEYS!! Lol
2011-02-13 15:00:38
I understand what your saying about the three differnt size pully's but they still make three size belts weather its a 30/31/32 inch belt . He could also just change the pully on the alt .I know its a gtir motor but if its a stock usdm high port use a 31 if it has a under drive pully he'll need a 30" but the point im trying to get across is they make three diff sizes in both 5 and 4 rib belt . Sure the part stores might not thave them iun stock but they can allways order them . And what you said about using string is the best method .
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2011-02-13 15:17:57
That is what I am saying there is like a 31.5 or something needed (it's been 5 years sorry I forget which the belt is for sure) that just isn't in the books at Napa, Goodyear...etc

Switching pulleys could be an option if you modify the alt housing somehow. They aren't a straight swap I tried.
2011-02-13 15:26:04
/\ depends on what alt as some had a spacer behind it like VE alts and low port b14's iirc . You are prob correct on the 31.5 " on stock pulleys . I have a bunch of alt pullys laying around ranging from a ve / usdm b13/ b14 and w11 det alt if need be i can mesure the size and depth . also have a old napa belt book at my shop that lists a sr20 w/o a/c . Ive tried that belt and didnt work on a usdm de .
2011-02-13 16:53:02
4 rib works just fine, quit being so dramatic.
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