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Thread: 95 200sx SE-R Turbo

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2011-02-08 22:10:21
95 200sx SE-R Turbo

How's it going everyone? I'm having a little bit of trouble and was wondering if someone was willing to hear me out. So I recently bought this car and it's my first turbo car. I've had a lot of Nissan's but never got the chance to turbo any of them. The car runs ok execpt for some minor issues that I'm hoping someone on the forum can help me out with. Here's what the car has:

Bluebird SR20DET
Top mount log manifold
T3T4 turbo
Front mount intercooler
3" downpipe
3" catback exhaust
HKS Wastegate
Boost gauge
Injectors are stock 370cc, and so is the MAF.
No boost controller

One issue is the car turning off when I come to a stop. Car starts up great and idles at about 1,000 but when I get on it and let off the rpm's drop down to 0 and shuts off. No bogging while driving or anything just turns off when the rpms drop. Has anyone else had this problem?

Second thing is the car is only boosting 4psi. I know that it doesn't have a boost controller but I thought the motors boost around 7psi from factory so why is it that it is boosting so little?

I've search online about both issues and haven't found much information. I know every set up is different so that's why I am hoping someone here can help. Any info will be greatly appriciated.
2011-02-09 00:07:27
more information. ecu? pics of the car. Maybe your location and you can get someone to come by and help you. Your fuel setup is only good to 250-290whp depending on the fuel pressure.
2011-02-09 00:15:58
Yeah more info needed. The boost issue I would go with massive boost leak in the piping...
2011-02-09 00:26:34
Off hand sounds like boost / vacuum leak. Best of luck!
2011-02-09 02:46:39
Check your wiring around the intake manifold. And yeah boost leak or vacuum lines routed incorrectly
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