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Thread: What do I need to finish turboing?

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2011-02-24 21:42:06
I've looked around a lot but not really find a straight answer. Same thing happened when I was trying to figure out how to install a u12 bluebird in a b14 nobody could give me a straight answer. Luckily there was one guy who did the install and told me what I needed and even then I still had to figure a lot out. I've read about doing the swap multiple times and it always said that you needed a better fuel pump but never mentioned needing a fpr so that's why I was confused. Thank you for pitching in

Originally Posted by Thomasf36
on the top mount piping and on the wastegate the vacuum nipples look bigger than the regular ones. Are they different hoses and does it matter where they tap into?

And does anybody know about this?

I'm trying to get everything together before I do the swap because it's my daily and I can't have it be out of commission for more than a day.
2011-02-25 06:18:07
The hose that goes to the wastegate goes to the intake manifold any where really doesn't matter what size the nipple is just get a reducer and make it fit. The other hose for the BOV/recirc valve goes anywhere from the compressor housing to the throttle body doesn't really matter otherwise too much closer to the compressor if you have the option
2011-03-16 07:29:56
So I just found out that a stock b14 fuel pump will pump out 170lph. Is that enough for what is needed with stock boost on 370ccs or should i definitely upgrade?
2011-03-17 02:10:52
i would upgrade just so you have the extra room incase you wanna up the boost or go bigger turbo
2011-03-17 06:11:07
would the 190 be fine you think?
2011-03-17 14:14:28
personally i would just go with the adjustable fpr and the walbro 255lph this will give you more room to grow, verses just going with a smaller lph
2011-03-19 20:58:54
190 would be ebough but why not just get the 250 for the same price and fhave extra room like blubird said.
2011-03-26 22:52:21
So I just got some ss lines for the oil. Do i need to get a restrictor for the t25? is it just the .063 size one?

Here atp says you dont need a restrictor for a non-ball bearing turbo.

2011-03-27 00:47:28
^ugh, when i read it i see "appropriate for non ball bearing turbos", which means you do need it.
2011-03-27 00:59:28
ya i know and its non restricted
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