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Thread: Couple of VE+det Q's

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2011-02-03 06:33:16
I should also say that the regular VE cams will likely work better with mid-frame turbos. the sr16 cams have a lot more overlap and won't come alive until running a rather large turbo.
2011-02-05 03:55:34
Hmmm still iffy about using these studs but if your using these I guess ill trust it . On the cam issue should'nt I be able to dial out some overlap with the cam gears ? Or just stick some sr20ve stock cams in and call it a day ? .
2011-02-05 13:44:15
stick with stock cams and call it a day. the SR16 cams have way to much overlap to dial out with cam gears. 70* worth of overlap. the SR20ve cams only have 48*.
2011-02-05 16:03:33
I have a set of SR20VE cams .....I am sure a few people do...I would take those 16VE cams off your hand possibly
2011-02-18 00:08:31
I got my sr16ve head back from the mechine shop for a quick shave . Now i'm concerned that the compression will be bumped up too much. Now how much per thousands milled off does the compression go up ? And now people are telling me that a VE head on a det block will bring comp up to 9.1 sorta like a real ve-t I'm getting two different awnsers ? Also placed the head on and checked the arp studs and walla they do bottom out and have plenty of threads for the nuts if i use the old ve head bolt washers ! Thats a load off my back .So now the motor is 90% complete and tapped for the vvl oil feed . Now with the only issue being the oil filter housing clearing the intake manifold . Now im not real smart with bore and displacement numbers but using the 86mm stroke and 87mm bore will bump it to just under 2.1L ? I.m trying to get the numbers figured out as my Jk ecu is tuned for 8.5.1 comp . Thanks again
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2011-02-18 01:40:46
i think the compression gets 8.7.1 with the ve head nothing major. Alot of guys just stick with a 8.5.1 det tuned ecu. You should be find. SR16-SR20ve head is the same just cams makes a difference. Notch the pistons and you can use the sr16 cams
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2011-02-18 03:02:25
Yea still hear diff comp ratios though . I am running sr20ve cams so no need to notch the pistons . But when i get bored with the gt28rs and go bigger I'll swap the sr16 cams and notch the pistons. .
2011-02-18 03:53:15
If you are running a DET and a VE head, your compression will be 9.3:1. The amount taken off during a basic resurface is pretty negligible on the CR of the engine. Prob no more than .1CR unless shaved a lot.

If you have GTiR bottom end, the compression ratio is still 9.3:1 with the VE head. The GTiR has different compression numbers than the DET because of the head chamber design.
2011-02-18 16:35:21
Yea they took next to nothing off The head as it was fairly straight . Ok so 9.3.1 ill have to retune for the comp ratio . And it's bluebird block wich still put it at 9.3.1 . Thanks .
2011-02-19 01:28:16
I believe all JWT does between comp ratios is add/remove timing. I'd bet you'd be pretty safe with current tune, taking out 2* throughout the map.
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