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Thread: Safe Boost on my VE-T?

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2011-01-19 16:50:41
Safe Boost on my VE-T?
So I've had this TurboSmart dual stage boost controller sittin around for a month now and I'm contemplating whether or not I should install it..

I've got a basic t25 setup 370's/z32 maf/calum basic/Walbro 255/4bar on my VE.. I havent boosted above 7 psi yet..

What do you guys think I can run safely for my high boost setting on my controller...
2011-01-19 16:57:43
Idk dude I think your gonna be close to maxing out those injectors as it is.
2011-01-19 17:01:25
i definately don't wanna lean out. but it's running plenty rich right now
2011-01-19 17:19:22
we both need to get a dyno tune done just to atleast see where were at. the b13 breaks up on high boost sometimes when its cold out.

maybe ums can cut us a deal or something?
2011-01-19 17:38:47
invest in a wideband my friend. And if you are going to stay with the t25 and are living in AZ, an exhaust gas temp gauge wouldn't be a terrible idea. Also, you can run a datascan as you drive to read on your injector duty cycle.
2011-01-19 17:43:43
dyno wouldnt be a bad idea dude..
2011-01-19 17:45:30
dyno day. set it up and i will be there.
2011-01-19 18:09:57
anyone have hookups with a dyno around here!!?
2011-01-20 00:21:00
I wouldn't wanna run any more than 10 psi on a t25. Its a small turbo, your asking for trouble beyond that. Your injectors should be ok since your at 4bar, theyre supposed to be good for 290 wheel at 4bar I believe.
2011-01-20 00:30:47
I was gunna say 10 psi max as well. You'll be maxing that compressor out for sure on a VE. The exhaust side won't be happy either. That's all speculation though. You'll need to measure or estimate power to know for sure (or read turbine shaft speed). I will echo the concerns about the injectors as well.
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