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Thread: Safe Boost on my VE-T?

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2011-01-21 05:58:27
i know what ur sayin and thats what worries me!
2011-01-21 13:32:47
always keep the boost down if you don't know what your a/f is. I have had tunes that tried to run in the 13's under boost. My duty cycle and maf readings were good as well. I did not find out until I got on a dyno to check the car out. I now have a wideband because of this.
2011-01-21 15:11:21
if i get a wideband then i pretty much need an safc as well...
2011-01-21 16:30:46
Originally Posted by nismob14
if i get a wideband then i pretty much need an safc as well...

Not true... Just use the wideband to make sure you aren't running lean homie. Am I on ignore? Your answer to this thread is like 4 times repeated over! Read what Mark said as well...

If you are using a daughter boarded ecu and its programmed you should be fine. Since you are just worried about what boost levels you can run that's all you need. Just run a couple loaded pulls in higher gears and watch for lean conditions and/or high injector duty cycles. The safc can be used for tuning and timing adjustments (also injector changes) later down the line to get an optimal tune for power and fuel economy along the power curve.

I know 85% is the going rate of inj. cycle that people like to use as a upper bound under full throttle... I personally used that myself.

Not everyone likes the AEM gauge WB unit... but I like it. I'm using my old one for my VE n/a car. There is a zeitronix unit that comebines the attributes of a wideband and also an air fuel management device and logging that would take the place of both the AEM and the SAFC.

Total cost used for piece of mind would cost you around like $250 to $400 for both. I just used AEM and the Impakt device to watch Inj Duty on a Calum Basic
2011-01-21 16:49:31
cool dude. I'll look into that! thanks
2011-01-26 00:45:05
Get the wideband ASAP. Especially since you live here in hot ass AZ. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton as opposed to a pound of cure. My son fried #1 piston & rings thanks to upping his T25 to 10lbs in his 240SX DET thanks to detonation. In November. Vaporized 2 spark plug electrodes & ceramic tips. Just stay with 7lbs until you get one, the Innovate LC-1 is a top notch wideband that is extremely accurate. Worth every penny.
2011-01-26 00:55:54
so once installed, all i have to do is adjust fuel and timing either way to correct the problems?
2011-01-26 02:30:09
Only my opinion....but if your running 370ccs on 10 psi on a ve...id be seriously worried about duty cycle. I personally would be considering larger injectors and a rechip. Just for sake of argument, a stock gtir has 444 cc injectors. I know your at 4 bar but I'm willing to bet its still gonna be at least at 90% duty cycle. I'm just thinking there might be a lot of heat under the hood......small compressor on a Ve means high egt's and high duty cycle on small injectors can lead to injectors failure at wot. I'm definitely not an expert but id be worried about heat, and as a result want to monitor your egt's, afr's, and your injectors duty cycle. For now at LEAST borrow someone's wideband and see how your afr's are, if they are ok you could try upping the boost........but you will quickly find the Limit of those injectors I'm willing to bet. Just my random thoughts, I'm by far no expert.
2011-01-26 02:36:21
And then there's the boost spikes you will experience with a manual controller. Ive been to Arizona and I know how cold it can get some nights compared to during the day. Id be willing to bet that plays havoc on manual boost controllers, I've seen 3psi spikes over a 30 degree drop. Again just my thoughts.
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