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Thread: T3 Garrett turbo info needed

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2011-01-19 02:14:18
T3 Garrett turbo info needed
I've got a T3 Garrett Turbo with the following plate:
XA 01 08J
From searching these forums I've found what I believe to be a T25. Was told that it was a 60 trim turbo. I was also told that it came off of a 1994 240sx. I'd like to know if this information is correct or if someone can correct me. I'd also like to know what it's worth may be. Thanks in advance.
2011-01-19 03:08:35
It obviously didn't come off of an "OEM" 1994 240sx, since they didn't come turbocharged in the US.

R32 or R33 skyline T25 turbo (pretty sure it's the R32). Ceramic blades, so 1bar of boost and BOOM.
2011-01-19 23:34:41
Forgive my ignorance but...."1 bar of boost and boom"? This turbo can't handle much boost? What would be the applications for this turbo? 240 only? Is it a direct fit for other applications? Honestly, I would be interested in selling this turbo and was going to list it on my local craigslist but I don't know what the applications are and what to ask for it. Has minimal shaft play and looks to be in really good condition.
2011-01-19 23:49:22
its a r32 skyline turbo as cliff stated. It does have ceramic blades so its only good to 14.5psi or 1 bar. I would use it as a paper weight.
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