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Thread: ebay turbo's....questions and "stuff"

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2011-01-13 18:20:57
This is the exact answer that I would give... You don't need anyone here to tell you that its okay, or that its not okay. You should just try it and post results. If it works, sweet! If it doesn't... you will still be a pioneer. My honest opinion? I'm pretty sure over the years the sr people here have done it, but they just don't post up about it out of embarrasment... that or they don't care what people think. I have seen a few b13's for sale with ebay turbos with unprecedented results.

"Don't talk about it, Be about it"

Originally Posted by JTstyle
Buy it, install it, dyno it and make it last for over a year and you will have an entire forum following...
2011-01-13 18:31:47
I have two issues with ebay turbos. 1) the wheel sizes and trims do not match the turbos they are trying to copy. 2) most state they are only good to 25psi. this makes me wonder what they are made of and how well they are balanced.
2011-01-14 01:42:17
If you get a little bit of work done to them they work pretty well but you have to know what to do. Your local machine shop can do the work for pretty cheap.

Or you can hope you got one of the golden ones that came out of the sweatshop at the very center of the extremely loose specs.
2011-01-14 01:47:34
my buddy has one on a bone stock sr and it's holding up ok, but the seals started leaking the second day it was on.
2011-01-14 02:18:08
go on honda-tech they have a whole big thread about ebay turbos
2011-01-15 16:55:55
Rode in my friends eBay powered 18g 06 subaru wrx yesterday. Haul ass. It's much faster on 8 PSI than the stock turbo was on 18. I know its not the best comparison, but his stock 570cc injectors are at 98% duty cycle now with only 12 psi. Very impressive for 225 shipped.
2011-01-15 16:58:05
last time the cars injectors maxed out were with a momentum turbo on something near 20 psi. car made over 300 HP to the wheels then.
2011-01-18 16:20:11
I remember meeting you in richmond at the honda tech meet last summer with Mike, you still got the NX?
2011-01-20 02:32:55
yes i do. also picking up a e blue one tonight! paints not the best, but it IS factory electron blue, and is in damn good shape. a friend of mine bought it, and is wanting to get rid of it as hes over 6 foot tall lol. so im going to play with i for a bit. But yes i still have my turbo nx.
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