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Thread: weird idle issues

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2010-12-22 00:40:28
weird idle issues
I have been having this problem with my bluebird recently. I will be driving (problem occurs when engine gets warm) and when I stop accelerating and declutch, the rpms drop below normal idle and will often stall the engine. I noticed it drops worse when I'm accelerating and the engine is under load, then I declutch to come to a stop. so for example if I hold the revs at a steady 3,000 rpm (in neutral) and let off the gas pedal to let the revs drop, the engine returns to idle like normal. but if I'm driving and the engine is under load at 3,000 rpm and I declutch, the engine stalls.

also I think its worth mentioning that my valve cover gasket was leaking from inside the spark plug holes in 3 cylinders. I fixed the gasket but never replaced the oily wires (just cleaned them like 3 seperate times after)

my factory BOV is shot. it doesnt hold any amount of boost at all, its basically always open so I had to recirculate it back to the intake after the MAF.

the engine only has 70k miles on it so I kinda ruled out the possibility of IACV and Air regulator valve issues. I cleaned the MAF (wasnt really dirty honestly) and it had no effect. I have no EGR (its a bluebird). My next step is to check the TPS and the throttle body.

I have searched before, and a guy with a similar problem switched the MAF on his DE and the problem completly disappeared.

if anybody can share a good amount of info on this issue, it might even be worthy of a sticky seeing how common it is?
2010-12-22 02:32:34
i´m having the same problem like you, i´m starting to think that the maf its the reason for that problem. if i´ll try to get one to prove and post the results.
2010-12-22 18:35:32
does it run normal if u go wot
2010-12-22 18:50:19
Originally Posted by 96_b14
does it run normal if u go wot

in my case yes, it feels powerful to 6000rpms, beyond that its a waste of time.
2010-12-22 20:56:46
it pulls normal at WOT. but then again this problem has existed from when I bought the car so idk if this problem is affecting the car at WOT so its kinda hard to define "normal". btw I tried switching the MAF, and the spark plug wires, it did nothing.
2010-12-24 15:02:38
just the fact that the problem only exists when the car is warm, makes me think it could be the air regulator. its supposed to be open allowing more air in when the engine is cold right? but if it were to stay open even after the engine has warmed up wouldn't it cause issues similar to mine?
2010-12-25 16:53:10
sometimes its good to post where your from someone near you might be able to go.
2010-12-26 08:08:20
^ true. I'm located in south florida btw. and next week the bluebird is going on the lift to get new axles installed. normally i would do something simple(ish) like this at home but I dont have the tools, or the time to mess with it. so when its there on the lift hopefully me and my buddy can figure out whats up with this idle issue. i'll keep everyone updated
2011-01-01 00:53:22
new years bump. lets get wasted yes? hopefully i'll wake up with my head in a bowl of nachos and/or my own stomach juices on the floor of someones bath tub. ahhh the joys of alcohol.
2011-01-04 17:40:34
I'm having the same issue wasn't my maf. I had a stock maf on it at first now I have a z32 maf and still does the same thing. I'm also running recirc on a greddy type rs blow off valve so I am also stumped. Only thing I can think of is I have the air intake temp sensor on the turbo intake and not on the cold side intercooler piping??
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