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Thread: cold starting issues related to oil?

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2010-12-12 19:48:16
cold starting issues related to oil?
so my valve cover gasket is leaking oil pretty badly from the spark plug holes in my bluebird with about 70k miles on it. so I've been having to add oil about once every other week with whatever oil was readily available, and cheapest at the time (which means I would use castrol syntec blend 10w30 one week, then full synthetic 5w30 the next etc.) Now just recently It's been taking longer than usual to start when its cold. Could this be because of the oil?
2010-12-13 21:45:18
It sounds like you need to compression test, is is only certain spark plugs?

If your car is taking longer to turn over when it is cold that is most likely just your battery. They don't put out the same amperage when cold. But that will only be compound the problems if your pistons are not sealing.
2010-12-14 00:22:08
I would see this being plausible if it didn't happen so suddenly. as soon as I started adding the differnt kinds of oil, the problems came the next day. btw when I say cold, I dont literally mean cold. its never been colder than 60 degrees here in FL lol sorry for the confusion. I meant starting the engine for the first time after its been sitting for more than 3 hours or so. similar problem happened with my last car and that wasnt even a nissan. what weight of oil would even be recommended for a bluebird with 70k miles on it anyway?
2010-12-14 01:18:59
Ok well guess you don't have a problem with the battery then LOL.

You good with the oil weights you have been using maybe go with 5w-30 during cooler seasons and 10W-30 in the warmer months. Both are suggested from the factory.

If you have oil on your plugs that could very well be the key to solving your problem you are having starting the car. (oil will foul the spark.)

It could be your PVC system too, have you modified yours from stock? Those hoses that go from the black box or the valve cover?
2010-12-14 07:07:23
I personally have not modified the system from stock, but it might have been modified by the prev owner. i"ll check up on that. but more than likely it will have something to do with the spark plugs and the pool of oil sitting in three of the spark plug holes on the valve cover lol is there a diagram or something on here showing me exactly how the PVC system should look stock? And THANKS a lot for the help btw, god knows where I would be without this forum lol
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