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Thread: de fpr VS det fpr. Please help?

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2010-10-23 22:14:44
de fpr VS det fpr. Please help?
Is there a difference between the de fpr and the det fpr in performance wise?

I added a turbo to my de and i just popped in the 370cc injectors in my de fuel rail and kept the de fpr. Question is should i change out the de fpr with the det fpr or are they the same.


Im having a problem with it running to lean on idle sometimes (16-17.5) and also when i hit boost and as soon as it passes 5psi i can hear the motor ping.
2010-10-24 00:09:26
Just get a nismo one... But yea bump.
2010-10-24 00:12:56
There is not a difference. I will tell you though that If you keep making the engine "ping"

you will have a big pile of SR20 garbage parked in your drive way.

2010-10-24 03:47:44
I thought the nismo increased fuel pressure with boost?
2010-10-24 04:12:44
Originally Posted by skcusloa
I thought the nismo increased fuel pressure with boost?

They all do.
2010-10-26 15:08:15
It could just be bad...it is now seeing boost and it wasnt before....just buy a nismo like the other guy said.
2010-10-26 15:20:00
x 3 on the nismo, or you can take a chance and ruin the motor. $100 fix, or $1000 dollar fix? #shrug.
2010-10-26 16:07:26
i got one(nismo) for $75 shipped
2010-10-27 01:01:05
so do u guys think it might be a fpr problem or more like a bad tune?
2010-10-27 02:30:52
Whats your current setup? More info needed...
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