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Thread: How to get to 4-450whp

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2010-09-06 22:48:50
How to get to 4-450whp
so i bought mikes (cortrim1) setup some months ago.....
555 inj
s4 cams
jwt ecu
i then added my own gtir t-28
gtir manifold
mitsu evo intercooler
3" turbo back exhaust

never been to the dyno but my buttometer reads about 300-320whp on 15lbs(i could be a little off)this is on a usdm de motor.
my question is what mani and turbo and injectors would get me up closer to the 400whp mark?????
i know a bunch of different setups would work ,but i am trying to keep it simple..
i know a bunch of you guys are up in the 400-500 range!!!
thanks for any advice in advance guys....
2010-09-06 22:50:39
btw,please dont list pistons and rods and all the other engine stuff,i know the engine at that power level would be a time bomb but i dont care.
2010-09-06 22:55:23
use your same manifold, Get a gt2871 or a gt3071, with some 740cc sidefeed injectors, and you will be in the lower 400whp range
2010-09-06 23:01:58
you can get that setup to around 370whp by going external gate and running a 4 bar fuel setup with the injectors you have. this will be at about 18psi. I would have miko modify the manifold. He is also selling a bb37 which will get you there with the addition of 740cc injectors.
2010-09-06 23:02:10
You can make 400hp reliably but i would ditch the T2 setup for at least a log manifold and 50 or 60 trim t3 turbo and external wastegate. You can get 400+whp on a T2 but thats really really pushing it and on a stock motor you dont want to do that.

A T3 frame turbo setup on a stock motor will last a long time even at the 350-400whp range. You basicly shift the power band up 1500 rpms or so. So it wont have as much response and torque down low but a hell of a mid to topend powerband. T2's power will usually fall after 7k rpms. A t3 will hold till 7700 all day long and make more power doing it.

It becomes a matter of flow and heat. T2's generate alot of backpressure and allow heat to stay in the cylinders whereas the extra flow from the T3 will keep exhaust gas temps down and backpressure down which will keep the piston tops cooler and cylinders cooler.

If you want to keep your stock motor and make that much, Go T3, it will be much safer.

BTW your probably at about 270whp on 15 psi on the gtir t28
2010-09-06 23:10:48
I know several people who making over 400whp on a t2 turbo with the stock manifold. its all in how its tuned.
2010-09-06 23:16:52
sounds like you need something like this:

T3 .63ar turbine Vband housing (for 2860rs or 2871r)
Protech uneql manifold
tial 38mm WG

This setup will make my 2860rs into a 3060rs.
2010-09-06 23:35:03
the manifold in the thread will help if you want to stick to a t2 setup. its like mine but not equal length or external gated.

2010-09-06 23:46:44
turbo upgrade
2010-09-07 00:36:49
thanks for the info guys,i guess i should rename this thread "how to get to 400whp as cheaply as possible)!!
i guess i just dont want to buy a turbo ,mani,wastegate,redo the exhaust,injectors and new tune if i can get there with maybe just a turbo,tune and injectors..
keep the advice coming..
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