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Thread: Need help troubleshooting new turbo build....

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2010-08-28 02:05:52
Need help troubleshooting new turbo build....
Here is my situation/setup: fresh rebuild
b14, 8.5cr, ve head, t25, 370s, ngk 7's at .28, b14 maf (blow thru) and b14 sensors, using a b13 calum basic (basic det tune) with the stepdown harness, vafc and avcr.

seems to run smooth but idles about 2k, had to turn dizzy all the way towards the front for the car to start, if the gas is pressed any it sputters and breaks up bad. Tried playing around with the idle controls but doesnt help any. checked and double checked vac lines, i believe everything is correct....on the intake piping before TB i have one nipple for bov/wg signal, 1 for idle controls and another for the catch can goin to VC.

Has anyone with a b14 used a b13 calum basic with the step down harness? if so any issues with the maf not reading correctly? if my fuel pressure too high can that be the cause?
2010-08-28 02:14:33
if your map is set to a certain bar of fuel and your actual fuel pressure is set differently, ie: map is set to say 3 bar and your fuel pressure is set to 4. you can run into issues, vis versa can cause rich or lean conditions depending on what the fuel is set to
2010-08-28 12:24:15
Vacuum leaks, and ignition timing.
2010-08-28 12:25:29
And yes, I've used the B14 with B13 stepdown. No issues with MAF. Yes if your Fuel pressure is too high that will cause bogging and flooding.
2010-08-29 00:32:45
fuel pressure was sitting about 38psi so i turned it up a bit and ironically i unplugged my idle controls just the one plug on the solenoid and its fine.... idles about 800rpm, got it timed, and even managed to take it around the block. Are there any ill effects of not having that hooked up? sometimes accelerating from a stop it will hesitate an bit. im goin to get another dist cap (wrong part first time), and i hope that fixes it. or maybe the idle control i unplugged?!?
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