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Thread: officially think my car needs rebuild

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2010-08-22 15:07:54
Originally Posted by rob_96
then she is dead.. i did a leak down test this morning and cylinder 4 does hold psi. also yestarday i drove it hit a little boost, i pulled over popped the oil cap and wow the smoke that came out.... its needs a rebuild... time to source out parts

i was thinking a set of cp pistons, eagel rods, and acl barrings, arp studs... or any suggestions



cp pistons, ge head studs, manley rods, gtir or arp main studs.
2010-08-22 15:13:36
It would be better to build it man, it can be done just as cheap and you will have a stronger motor.

9.0:1 or 8.5:1 ve cp pistons w/ eagle rods. Go to Poor Boys Parts on ebay, he can get you the best deal on that combo setup I got my det pistons w eagles for $740 shipped

ACL race bearings 70.00 for the set of mains and rods

Because of the detonation you might have some damage to the cylinder walls and/or the top of the deck of the block and maybe head. So resurfacing and an overbore may be necessary. You need to tear apart the block and inspect it before ordering your piston/rod combo.

VET headgasket from greg $80.00

Golden Eagle B16a head studs, $100. Not necessary and you can use your stock headbolts but these things clamp the head down awesome. And they are cheap.

So other than fluids and some gaskets you can do the rebuild for $1000-$1200 depending on if machine work is necessary.
2010-08-22 15:29:18
can u not reuse a metal head gasket, because i have a vet gasket already...? and Poor boy parts its pretty good deal. i just need to see how motor is, might do the pull in the winter, i just dont have time due to school coming so soon
2010-08-23 02:53:32
guys i am sry but i really am going back to stock... got a great price on a stock motor and going to put it in and just drive the car and save for another car... thanks everyone for the help. I will be parting out the vet.


2010-08-23 03:39:12
That's depressing. Hearing people do this sort of stuff is depressing.
2010-08-23 03:42:45
trust me brother i feel the same way but its time.. i really wanna start save for my evo 9. and spending more $$ on this car wont make it happen


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