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Thread: det power bands

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2010-07-02 18:43:14
det power bands
Hey all, I'm just wondering what everyone else's power band is for their sr20det's. What rpm do you hit full boost and what all do you have done to your cars?

I've got an nx2000 with a stock sr20det with a jounal bearing t25.
- 2 1/2 exhaust all the way bad with cat and universal muffer.
- Front mount intercooler with 2 1/2 piping, ic core is 24X12X4 inches.
- Greddy profec e01 boost controller set on 12, although i'm only hitting 9 (hopefully not tuned correctly yet)
I hit full boost at 4k in 1st and 2nd.
2010-07-02 18:50:17
I'm at full boost by 3000. T25 with 2 inch inlet 2.5 outlet on the intercooler then 2.5 all the way to the tb. Hallman manual bc. I have it set at 12 psi. I also have a 3 inch downpipe and it's an avenir turbo, don't know which, the numbers fell off of it.

1st gear it just melts the tires so I don't really pay attention to the gauge. 2nd it still spins them a little, 3rd is mainly where I can start paying attention the gauge.
2010-07-02 21:18:59
ya if i ease on the throttle from a stop them mash it when the clutch is up, it'll just spin through all of first and all of 2nd. 2nd is the sa?e way, it spins a bit.. but still seems to pull hard at 4k.
i'll se what 3rd does.
im just trying to figure out why i hit boost so late..
2010-07-02 21:51:25
Full boost by 4600rpm. 3076r. 15psi. Still making power past 8krpm.

You hit full boost late either because you have boost leaks, exhaust leaks from between the manifold/head/turbo, or your turbo's fins are shot.
2010-07-03 06:52:42
-stock DET with 3071 0.64 (T25 style turbine inlet)
-HKS stage 1 cams
-turbo back 3" exh.
- big air filter

18psi@ 3200 in 5th gear on the road and @3400 on dyno

2010-07-06 16:30:07
Avenir DET stock bottom end
Master Power T60 @ 16psi
S4 cams
3inch downpipe with 3inch cutout

hitting full boost at 5000
2010-07-06 18:36:13
i´m runing a t25, 2.5 donwpipe, 2 1/4 tubes near the rear wheels and 2 1/4 exhaust with 2.5 dual tips. 7psi, full boost in 3rd at 3200rpms. 1st and 2nd gears are traccion less.
2010-07-06 19:55:27
2871R .64 a/r . Seems to be @ 15 psi(Full boost for me) around 3700RPM. Starts building boost around 3200rpm. Maybe sooner, don't really look at RPM gauge and boost gauge at same time hehe.

S4 cams
3" mandrel exhaust.
2010-07-07 19:06:50
Originally Posted by beto
Avenir DET stock bottom end
Master Power T60 @ 16psi
S4 cams
3inch downpipe with 3inch cutout

hitting full boost at 5000

whp? Get that thing dyno'd I'm curious. Would love to know what you're making at 16psi.
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