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Thread: Jensens follow up issue thread

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2010-07-02 18:02:08
Jensens follow up issue thread
For some unknown reason, Jensen managed to throw EVERY exhaust rocker arm, snapping one of them in half. Anyone here ever thrown all of your rocker arms off at the same time?

Only thing I can think of is using the wrong shims (mixing the exhaust shims), or if he put every shim in backwards (switched the adjustable and fixed shims).

Fortunately that was his only issue, at least that we know of. We're going to comp. test the motor just to make sure no valves are bent.
2010-07-02 18:14:55
There's this Irish guy. I think he came up with a theory on this problem one time.
2010-07-02 18:32:05
Did he miss-shift? I threw/broke one in half doing that.
2010-07-02 18:47:31
same here, on my high comp setup 13:1 on stock head internals, i threw all but 2 rockers and shattered 3 of them on a mis-shift. snapped timing chain and bent a valve
2010-07-02 18:53:46
that didnt help mr know it all lol.. Tekk i think that the reason the number one rocker on the exhaust side broke is because it was caught on between that stupid plate and the cam and since it had no where to go it broke. The others just fell to the side with no harm done. The cam is ok. No scratches or groves. Still cant find 2 of the shims. Gotta take the oil pan out but all these ppl came from no where so im extra busy at the shop now.
2010-07-02 18:57:17
i didnt mis shift. I gave it a good 3rd gear pull and then went to 4th and started to cruze and then i herd chatter like rod knock. I had little to no power so i shut it off and checked the engine bay out to see if i could see anything. I started it back up and i herd the chatter again and drove it like another 100 yards and i decided it was enough and shut it off. It hasnt started since....
2010-07-02 19:22:39
That's how many have lost one rocker arm. Just a sort of freak accident. Not sure how you lost 4 though. =/
2010-07-02 19:40:25
yeah i know. i said the same ****. Like i have read about losing a rocker arms. scratch that ive read a couple of threads of guys losing 3 before. i dunno man its stupid. I found all of them except one now
2010-07-02 21:14:45
is the cam bent? Or was it torqued down improperly which caused it to be bent which in turn caused all this to happen? Or is it the wrong shims?
2010-07-02 21:39:07
they might have gotten mixed up.. Remember the motor and all the parts sat for almost six months in a shop that people move everything without caring wtf is there. Also i drove almost 50 miles before it happen. If the cam was bent wouldnt it have thrown the rocker right there and then when it first started.
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