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Thread: Jensens follow up issue thread

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2010-07-03 20:01:34
Damn Jensen, you didn't measure shims or anything? Just popped em in anywhere?
2010-07-03 21:29:33
I have thrown multiple rockers at one time. I have also seen all the rockers thrown off at start up. The car that threw all the rockers off at start up had the lifters wide open and had not been bled properly when the head was reassembled. In my case I had a mechanical over rev incident. I blew off two exhaust and one intake rocker crushing one in the process. This some times happens on cars after bumping the rev limit because the rocker will get slightly turned and will get wiped off by the cam lobe. The wrong shims will cause this also.
2010-07-03 21:35:10
i think it needs to be reshimmed. pain in the but process, but needed sometimes.
2010-07-03 22:17:59
we are going to shim it. on a side not im going front mount lol
2010-07-03 22:22:03
Wow man your turbo curse is as bad as I've ever seen. I think Serban had a turbo curse that was close but eventually he shook it off. Good luck.
2010-07-03 22:24:16
lol i know right, i been down just as long as its been wroking with the turbo
2010-07-05 17:22:17
no pics of the front mount?
2010-07-05 17:41:03
Another setback:

all but very few valves are bent. . He's pulling the head and Victorious was nice enough to let jensen use his.
2010-07-05 18:53:48
are all the exhaust valves bent? or some intakes as well?
2010-07-05 18:55:32
Some intakes looked like they were bent as well.

I didn't give them a close up inspection, just saw the exhaust valve springs and new that the valves were shot. Looked at the intake vaguely, and IIRC cyl #2 and #4 also show signs of valve damage.
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