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Thread: warm start stalling?

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2010-06-21 22:36:23
warm start stalling?
ok so here goes! it has been about 3 months since i have boosted my b15. since day one i have been having a problem with my car stalling when it is warm. For example i can start cold no problem as soon as the car reaches operating temps an i drive it even for 2 mins shut down an try to restart it would just stall? from what i have read it can be anything from the maf to coolant to injectors or fuel pump i have been monitoring the temp gauge an have no issues with the coolant or cooling for that matter. the injectors that i am running are from a 2003 nissan sentra specv . they are 330 injectors. the fuel pump is a walbro 255 which i have now changed an put the stock back to test if that was my issue. but nothing same problem. i have also tried the idle air relearn as per fsm for the 2000 nissan sentras. just looking for some direction on what to test for next without ending up removing the entire turbo setup an starting over! i am using an safc neo for tuning are there any settings that i can try with that. also i am running a vented blow off valve the turbo setup is a t25 on 7 lbs. any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks!
2010-06-26 02:09:04
2010-06-29 00:29:23
cts? sorry not too sure what that means...
2010-06-29 20:27:03
i'm having the same issue. i haven't had the time to fix it.

it's either ur CTS or your AAC/IAC valves. download the manuals to check how to diagnose/fix it

cts = Coolant Temp Sensor
2010-07-01 04:01:24
He put in a new coolant temperature sensor and it's still doing the same thing. I have the same setup as him (same turbo, injectors, and fuel pump) and I have zero stalling issues. My car idles even better than when it was n/a. Would clogged injectors cause a stalling on warm start?

I don't understand why the IACV would die suddenly since the car had ZERO issues when it was all motor. It's definitely something resulting from the turbo install. We ruled out the fuel pump by installing the stock pump.
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