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Thread: Help Plz

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2010-06-18 04:32:05
Help Plz
i have a GT28RS, msd 50lb injectors, JGY fuel rail, NISMO adjustable fuel regulator, S3 cams, JWT ecu with chipps for S3 cams, cobra maf and also h20 module.

One of the setups that they sell which should basically be a plug and play.

My problem is when i first start it, it runs good but after a few minutes it bucks at lower RPM (under 2000) and then it doesnt want to build boost feels like it is holding me back feels like im on the brakes literaley. MAF is good ive put 3 different ones on it no vacum leaks tried 3 brand new oxygen sensors in also seems to be running rich. Tried new plugs, new wires, and fuel filter. Ive tried everything that i know but i know there are more experienced people out there so if any one can help i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Allen
if you have any questions just pm me PLZ HELP
2010-06-18 06:04:20
you check timing? Inj o rings? You running top feed injectors? If so, are they high impedence?
2010-06-18 14:43:02
msd injectors do not work at anything above 3 bar according to:


just thought I'd mention that since you have the fpr on there
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