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Thread: SR20DET Oil Squirters

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2010-05-28 22:17:43
SR20DET Oil Squirters
Ok so my friend and I were working on his SR and we pulled the lower oil pan off and all of his oil squirters were f'd up and are all gone. basically he has a sponsor drift even in the 19th and was wondering do u need to have oil squirters in the motor. i know tht it will raise oil pressure (correct me if im wrong though) but will it do any damage to the motor without them?? lemme know asap thanks guys!!!
2010-05-28 22:50:12
2010-05-28 22:59:14
why are they gone? I've heard of lots of motor builders putting pistons in that didn't have cutouts and knocking them off.

A lot of people run regular de motors with turbos on them and they don't have oil squirters. So you can run a turbo motor without oil squirters it would just be less reliable because of the extra heat. Turning down the boost and backing off the timing would be a good idea.

If they are knocked off, I'm assuming there's a bigger hole then there should be, so it would be dumping oil out and possibly causing oil pressure loss elsewhere.

This is all hypothetical, I've never messed with the squirters before.
2010-05-28 23:05:26
you need to put the oil squirters back in or plug the oil feeds for them.
2010-05-28 23:05:37
i dont know why they are gone but we pulled the oil pan and there were just pieces of metal in there and i was like i bet tht they are ur oil squirters and i looked up in the motor and sure enough they are gone. So we can run it without the oil squirters just need less boost back off the timing and it will just be less reliable?
2010-05-28 23:06:31
Originally Posted by cortrim1
you need to put the oil squirters back in or plug the oil feeds for them.

well the squireters are decinigrated but how would i plug them?
2010-05-29 01:06:16
Moved to the Turbo section from the Tuning section. Makes more sense in the turbo section
2010-05-29 01:10:50
Take your old bolts out, then replace them with a regular bolt with the same thread pitch and size. Done.
2010-05-29 02:42:43
If all the piston coolers got destroyed by the pistons you might have damage in other parts of the motor.
2010-05-29 03:11:21
no they werent destroyed by the pistons cuz when we checked them last time nothing was hitting them so idk what could of destroyed em but its all good thanks a lot guys
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