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Thread: GT28RS Upgrade

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2010-05-27 01:19:41
GT28RS Upgrade
So this seems to be the turbo I will be purchasing in the next few days. I had wanted to put my HY35 turbo on the car, but this is a lot more plug and play.

My fastest time at the track with the setup in my sig @ 22-24psi (fluctuated) on pump gas was 11.95 @ 118mph with a 1.84 60' time.

It is my hope to get some more power out of the GT28RS at only 20psi (15psi on the street). Does this seem possible?

I do have a question on the oil and coolant lines; will the stock lines from the T28 get me up and going? Or is there a kit I can use that will work better? I don't want to piece a setup together, and I would like for it to route to the stock DET locations...

I also plan on some S4 cams soon to get some more top end powah. Thanks guys!
2010-05-27 01:25:30
i would forget about the disco. i would suggest a t28718r with a .86 ex housing, it will fit in just like your t28 and out hustle the disco in every way.

2010-05-27 01:29:35
I would but I am getting a good price on the disco potato used. I don't have the dough to shell out for a new Garrett turbo... I would love the GT2871R but it's out of my range at the moment.
2010-05-27 01:31:00
then i would hold off.

the money you spend in my eyes is not worth the improvement over the t28.

if your running 11.8 as it is wich is great, id hold off for a bigger turbo.

i honestly think you will not be that impressed and then say to your self i should have gone a step or two bigger.

2010-05-27 01:36:11
I'm actually just looking for a replacement for what I had, but I can't find a T28 in good condition at the moment. My T28 blew up about 6 months ago (close to that). So basically if it is as good I will be happy. I think it will be better though, but by how much I don't know.

It would be before the end of this race season before I could save to get the GT2871R and have it all broken in. I want to play soon.
2010-05-27 01:38:48
i see, so what your saying is you have no turbo.

the disco will out perform the t28, noticeable yes but not by a large degree.

good luck.

2010-05-27 01:43:24
I have a T25 which is too small, and an HY35 which will be too much of a headache to install. From what I have read, it will spool faster, make a little bit more power, and have better transient response. Does this seem correct?

Also about the water/coolant and oil lines...
2010-05-27 03:39:49
i love my gt28rs, i am running 15psi on it. u running 22-24 psi on factory internals wow. nice
2010-05-27 18:09:19
I really need some info on the water/coolant and oil lines. These are my only concern at the moment with bolting this on.
2010-05-27 18:11:35
Originally Posted by RedDragun
I really need some info on the water/coolant and oil lines. These are my only concern at the moment with bolting this on.

the stock lines bolt up.
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