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Thread: Fastest turbo install time?

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2010-05-21 21:18:49
Originally Posted by daveracer
So you're saying you did an turbo engine swap, welded new IC piping, and welded up a new exhaust in 1 hour 45 minutes? That has BS written all over it. It takes about that just to weld up a new exhaust, sometimes longer. I bet the books give you a good 15-20 hours to do all that, if not more. Not like i care, but don't come in here lying about it.

holy **** you fail
2010-05-22 05:14:17
I looked up doing a timing chain on a b13 se-r by nissans book time for warranty and it was less than 7 hours. This was a while ago. This is what you would get paid for warranty time. I never want to do that **** under warranty.
2010-05-22 05:30:40
Originally Posted by daveracer
I did my VE engine swap, and turbo install in 3 days. Smoking alot of pot, drinking, swearing, sweating....and having it all come together just fine.

sounds just like all my builds lol
2010-05-22 06:38:55
My motto is if you race in the shop you wont be racing on the track for long. That being said i am with morgans432.
2010-05-25 02:52:55
I fuk my first motor up and went to jersey pick up a det (avenir) on a sat by monday it was in and running on next sat motor back out again not worth going fast slow and nice is the key 2x morgan
2010-05-25 03:09:11
Originally Posted by FuLLah
Glad to see there are still mature folks on the forums who don't waste time post whoring!

2010-05-25 13:17:43
Alex Morgan is a bitch ass hater...
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