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Thread: mmmm billet

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2010-05-21 16:30:26
Originally Posted by coach
THis is the best thing going for the big boost Z32 guys, you should all get one!


Exactly what I was thinking. I have no use for one but, I am getting some of my boys that still run MAF's to get one.
2010-05-21 16:59:56
I ran 30psi on multiple multiple occasions on my z32 maf blowthrough and i have yet to ever pop a cover off. And that is with no jb weld on there. I ran 20psi daily for a year. Again never popped a cover off. I understand how it happens. There is a seal where it goes down in the housing and if it doesnt hold you will get pressure into the circuit board area.

The best thing about this is it allows you to put the sensor anywhere you want without using couplers and so on. Makes for a very clean install i give it that.

So not entirely a waste if your looking for clean and better placement options.

I just cut the 4 bolt flange off mine and keep a lip on the end and put a 3" coupler onto it. No couplers blowing off and never had issues.

But its a nice piece i give it that.
2010-05-22 02:03:08
well guys here they are. fully encapsulated lid. had to put reliefs to get the lid off its a tight fit by itself, let alone a dab of sealant and 4 #4 screws. enjoy

2010-05-22 02:13:45
Very damn nice Tank. It came out great.
2010-05-22 14:09:13
Very nice,I think it's a great idea, I think it's great, nothing better than reliability. I think the skills that was involved is grade A. Big ups to you
2010-05-22 17:09:42
I might just pick this up to get rid of the ugly black box haha
2010-05-22 21:17:04
n60 maf fits btw there just about the same internaly
2010-05-22 22:19:28
looks great bro. Nice work!
2010-05-22 23:24:30
Looks great!

There is a shop near me that made a custom Z32 maf enclosure for a 1995 Skyline


2010-05-22 23:35:53
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Looks great!

There is a shop near me that made a custom Z32 maf enclosure for a S15 1972 Datsun

....Looking for the picture....

yea let me see some pics, id like to see it
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