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Thread: blow off valve not sounding

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2010-05-15 18:00:36
Originally Posted by Cozzm0_AU
Vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator.

Your vacuum line must come from between the head and the throttle plate, before the throttle body (i.e between the compressor outlet and the throttle plate) won't work.

x2 if you got yours like that then you should find some time to change it.

I also prefer to keep the brake booster to its own dedicated line.

I don't run the charcoal can currently because my cold pipe hits it but on my JDM DE there are 2 vacuum ports on the manifold in back of the tb. One for fuel, and one for BOV/boost gauge.
2010-05-16 03:46:53
i have tried all of this but the vacuum test which i dont know how to do and still nothing
2010-05-16 05:40:04
Unplug your brake booster and use that hose temporally as the BOV vac source. With the car running and parked, standing by the engine pull the throttle. Put your hand over where the BOV lets off and feel for air blowing.
2010-05-16 13:01:24
Change the springs in the bov. Yours are too stiff. Use any vacuum line from the back of the intake manifold. I used the evap canister line (the biggest one that doesnt go to the tank).
2010-05-18 05:26:58
i have tried everything and nothing STILL!!!
2010-05-18 06:43:23
Did you feel air coming out of the BOV when you put your hand over it after changing vac sources?
2010-05-18 22:32:57
Did you try a weaker spring?
2010-05-19 00:37:52
its already really soft
2010-05-19 01:15:42
Try opening the bov itself up and look very closely at the diaphram. All it takes is a really small hole in the rubber to make the valve not work properly anymore. This just happened to me.
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