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Thread: jwt stock sr20ve turbo program?

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2010-04-24 18:48:04
jwt stock sr20ve turbo program?
anyone using this, and what kind of power are you making as well as turbo size and psi. and what all different programs for turboing a ve do they have?
2010-04-24 19:31:58
well my friend check out nissan crazy his is a ve.
2010-04-25 00:54:36
that doesnt help much since he just has a ve head and a diff bottom end as well as aem ecu, not jwt
2010-04-25 01:07:18
I'm running JWT. GT3076r 25psi 447whp and 402wtq.
2010-04-25 01:35:50
coheed, what was your exact setup- stock engine, race gas or alcohol injection?
2010-04-25 01:37:52
and what program do you have?
2010-04-25 01:52:03
I had the 9:1 compression map. Z32. 740cc inj.

Now I have 8.5:1 map. no rev limit.
2010-04-25 02:05:01
drivability was good as well as the power coming on with a 9.1 program on a stock ve? maybe i should just get a 9.5 ecu for 740's and spray some water/ alcohol. i havent decided what turbo to go with, i like the way a 50 trim with a 48 spools up, but i want to keep intake temps down with a lil larger turbo, tryin to make good power without having to run a lot of psi
2010-04-25 02:12:35
driveability was great. ran like a stock car. The VE doesn't like restrictive exhaust. get something that flows well on the ex side of things. bigger ar. You will likely spool just as quick on a ve with a .82 vs a .63. But make more power doin it.
2010-04-25 03:14:53
most the bigger turbo ve's are built bottem end ....mine is a de block ..that is sleeved , but it has ve water and oil pumps and a head ....so it is a hybrid but it is more ve then de , but think the JWT is great , it is just not tuneable , every car is little differant , it is hard to get it perfect from across the country , so you end up with a fairly coservitive tune that will work but it is no means perfectly ideal , with most cars there is defenetly more safe power left on the table with the JWT , I think the calum r/t is the best way to go on a budget , because it leaves yiou with the ability to get the car tuned , if you can not get it tuned the the JWT will work vary well because you order it , when it gets there put it in set fuel pressure and go for a spin ....makes it awful easy ....it is about choosing you poison
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