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Thread: z32 maf adapter

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2010-04-18 20:48:58
z32 maf adapter
I am going to have the piping redone on the car and I really want to get a new maf adapter. Do most guys here just cut off the plastic and slide the hose coupler right onto the maf, or do you guys use a adapter?

I have an adapter now, but it is junk and I really want something simple and nice.
2010-04-18 22:45:43
i use a metal adaptor with the o ring between the mafs and the adaptor
2010-04-18 23:59:47
Where did you get your adapter? I have one now, but it is ghetto.
2010-04-19 00:02:28
oem a vendor on here makes a nice piece. Also you can do like you said and cut off the tabs
2010-04-21 05:56:40
I always cut the tabs off and shape it nice. It will never leak.
2010-04-21 06:45:09
Coheed, I have a nice aluminum adapter i'll be selling once I get my pop charger on. LMK if your interested.
2010-04-21 07:09:04
I use to use a metel z32 maf adapter which I still if if you need it. I ended up getting a apexi filter that bolts right up to the maf. NO Adapter needed, even though it comes with one. I think you can order it without it.

APEXi 500-A025 Dual Funnel Power Intake Filter 80mm Universal Adapter
2010-04-21 20:47:53
If you're running it as a blow through i would just cut the tabs. Those adapters are not designed to be used as a blow through, they might work under low boost conditions but could leak under high boost conditions.
2010-04-21 21:54:41
Just cut the tabs off Coheed, I have done this on every single setup ive done with a Z32 or similar maf. Much easier, It fits a 3" coupler perfectly, and if you cut it good it will have a nice lipped end so that you have no worries of it coming off. Ive yet to have a coupler pop off my maf under 30+psi of boost.

Cheaper, easier, and way better looking.
2010-04-22 00:20:14
Thank you ashton, you give me hope. I think I'll try that. Seen it done a few times, but not in a while.
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