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Thread: Mechanical Wastegate?

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2010-04-01 01:28:01
Mechanical Wastegate?
Make Your Own Mechanical Wastegate Controller

Looks pretty interesting actually, anyone try it?
2010-04-01 02:57:55
interesting but definitly seems partial to internally wastegaated turbos which i think is obious but definitly seems like it would have its positives
2010-04-01 14:01:51
I might give it a shot, I have a broken T28 WG anyway
2010-04-01 17:54:18
i would never in my life strap something like that onto any part of my car...

2010-04-01 18:25:26
Holy **** is that ghetto....
2010-04-01 18:29:08
April fools.
2010-04-01 18:38:01
lol^ that was a good one haha
2010-04-01 19:35:08
externally gated turbos ftw
2010-04-02 01:23:47
i agree its pretty ghetto and there probably is a thin line between saving money and not having to go externally gated wastegate but then i guess there is a line that goes over that and into ghetto lol its amazing what people will figure out how to make their own parts and stuff
2010-05-08 15:05:51
I've been thinking about this thing again. When done right I can see it having benefits over regular boost controlled WG's.

  • Fairly easy adjustment of boost
  • Always consistent with opening and closing the gate.
  • Might help build boost sooner
  • Reliability should be better then with diaphragm. Not having to worry about the lines disconnecting, boost leaks, over-boosting due to the WG boost line failure.

I know this one is ghetto, but when looking at it design wise, this method sounds a bit more reliable/better.
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