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Thread: boostin ve

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2010-03-27 12:07:39
boostin ve
im kinda getting the itch for boost,so thinking about finding a t28 or something to bolt up to my ve and do anywhere from 8-12 psi boost..my ? is,will the rb26 skyline t28 turbos bolt up and will they put up good numbers..im debating it cause i can get the whole rb26 t28 setup for $200..lmk what you guys think
2010-03-27 16:18:49
I know the stock VE will handle boost but obviously you should set it up carefully. Ideally you'd use a manifold that flows more than the stock DETs but I've seen them used. Some port matching obviously and probably go back to stock cams.

I can't speak to any of this directly but if the RB turbo will bolt to whatever manifold its supposed to T2/T3.
2010-03-27 19:20:47
Keep it on 7psi and be safe thats all u really need on the stock block. As for the turbo the compressor may have to be reclocked depending on the manifold u decide to use as well as how you decide to run the intercooler piping.
2010-03-27 20:16:35
A nice T-28 set up on a stock block VE with 10-12 psi would be a lot of fun if done right.
2010-03-28 00:37:26
Boost the VE it's fun. 14psi on my VE for quite some time, not a hint of any problems yet.

Just stock up on realy grippy tires.
2010-03-28 03:28:36
What about the knock, and the ignition timing??
2010-03-28 04:24:05
Do it, you'll love it. I would try to just source a complete kit from a relaible source and bolt it on. Piecing together stock parts can become a headache especially with internal wastegate setups, I have gotten 317 whp on a t25-28 de/ve at 13 psi stock Ecu/ maf with an afc, 3 years and still running strong on my boys car
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