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Thread: w10 DET wont start in 96 B14 SE-R

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2010-03-17 23:21:23
w10 DET wont start in 96 B14 SE-R
found the reason why my car wouldn't start!

it was the JWT ECU that i just got repaired and reprogrammed.

i put in my stock b14 ECU and it fired right up?

any idea why my JWT might be causing this?
2010-03-17 23:24:32
yes(technically no but I would do things the right way)
not sure
and you have a huge leak without that.
2010-03-18 01:51:35
You need that crank angle sensor plugged in. Need more info than just not starting. Does it crank?
2010-03-18 02:18:47
Pretty sure it should start w/out the stuff you listed. Double check all the basic stuff needed to start

I didn't have IC piping in when we did first start and it ran. We had a lot less hooked up than you too. No vacuum lines or brake booster
2010-03-18 02:47:10
thanks everyone for the help... updated****

car cranks and seems to start for like literally a sec or less... i'll try and get a video up
2010-03-18 19:57:17
2010-03-19 03:45:32
2010-03-19 04:08:51
Tell us everything you have installed and hooked up
2010-03-19 20:35:39
Originally Posted by gomba
Tell us everything you have installed and hooked up

everything i got is listed above... everything is hooked up minus CAS, hot side IC piping, Radiator and Fans, and the Brake Booster to Intake Mani vacuum hose
2010-03-19 20:53:31
IMO the problem is withe the crank sensor..., the IC piping sould be conected but without it the car should at least start and iddle, when I blew a coupler the car would at least start and kinda iddle...
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