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Thread: I have a turbo query...

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2010-03-16 16:19:30
I have a turbo query...
So I haven't done much with my Sentra since the thrust bearing crapped out in my turbo a few months ago... My friend has an RB26DETT that he is letting me borrow the turbo off of until I can buy another one (he wants to see my car go again). Now just looking at the turbo I can tell that the exhaust housing is offset funny, and the compressor outlet is two bolt instead of three on my GTi-R T28.

I can't find with 100% certainty what the stock turbo is on these engines. It looks about the same size as my T28. If it is, what would stop me from using the compressor and exhaust housing off of my T28 on this one? I know they have a ceramic blade and don't like much more than 1bar of boost, so I will probably run 13-14psi if I can get this turbo to work. Thanks for the help guys,


P.S.- I have an HY35 that would probably do work on the Sentra, but I would need a weird manifold to route the exhaust (4") how I would want to (out of the front bumper on the passenger side). Any suggestions on manifolds (log style preferably to keep cost down) that place the turbo further to the drivers side (but not a sidewinder style)?
2010-03-17 03:26:31
Ok well I got the two sat next to eachother and the one off the rb is clearly a t25 which will work but will not be as powerful. If someone had to guess, what would be the power difference from a t28 at 18psi vs the t25 at 14psi?
2010-03-17 03:28:42
Lol you know what T25's make a 14lbs. Youll b making about 250whp with no top end!
2010-03-17 03:37:46
Dang forgot about the topend. Lame! This is temporary for now until I can figure out what I want to do with the car. Like I said, I have that hy35 which could be entertaining at 15psi. I need a new manifold and an external gate and exhaust though...
2010-03-17 05:49:14
This may be a dumb question, but if I put the t28 exhaust and compressor housings on the t25, would there be any negatives to this? The wheel is smaller for sure, but then it would be a bolt on affair instead of me having to make a new compressor outlet pipe. The exhaust hosuing is less restrictive but would the spool be significantly hampered?
2010-03-17 05:52:40
If theres a space between the turbine blades and the housing itll prob just spool a bit later. But being this is a temp fix go for it. If it were me id throw a header on it and call it a day until I got the turbo I wanted. Its just easier. Then all you gotta do is put a filter on your cold pipe. But I know how it is to be without boost!
2010-03-17 16:03:56
I'm not interested in driving a NA DET powered sentra lol.
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