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Thread: Turbo Charts And Best Turbos For Your Needs

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2011-12-26 10:34:27
Originally Posted by tsuruser
Im goin threw another change this winter so heres my plan chime in if i should go bigger inj like 720's to play it safe or run my currant sti's at 4bar . My goals are 350'ish .
Also how will my power band look as i love the currant feel of the disco. Im expecting a bit more lag wich is why I might go higher comp pistons .

-Ve motor 86mm forged 8.5.1 or 9.1 forged slugs ?
- gt2871r
-sr16 cams
-sti inj @ 4bar or 720 @ 3bar .. already have sti's
-blue bird manifold extrude honed and 38mm tial gated . (Already have )

Again its going to be a long winter so let me know your opinions .

Get a 2871R and dont look back. On a DET motor with S4 cams every car I have ever done with a 2871R will make 360-370 WHP at 15PSI and 400-420 WHP at 20PSI. That being said on a VE motor I bet you make 390-400 WHP at 15 PSI.

All of these cars that make 360-370 WHP run 11.9-11.8 at 122MPH and 400-420 WHP run 11.7-11.4 at 125 MPH.

There is no turbo out there street or strip that will out perform the GT2871R in the 360-420 WHP range.
2011-12-26 17:09:10
Thanks for input miko and coheed . I will most likely stick with a gt2871r and go with 9.1 comp to aid in spooling . now i was reading your inj size chart miko should i ditch the sti's and run 720's ? Hitting high 11's would be nice but the car is built more for autox but I would love to see how it does on some slicks . I ran 13 flat trapping 110 on a w11 gt2560 and s3's on street tires spinning like crazy 245 60ft times ouch ! . I have'nt been back to make a few passes on the disco but its alot stronger gestimated 270-280'ish on 370's and a bored det maf wich are pushed beyoned their limits . I also hope the stock det manifold can flow well with out stepping up. I will port match to line up with ve head.

Oh I also have a 2.5" meagan cat back (flame me ) thats been on there for awhile but i will switch up to a 3" as i am curanlty running a 3" dp and 3" test pipe so the back half of the exhaust is probably killing some power .
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2016-06-12 10:49:38
This chart needs to be updated with the new GTX turbos that came out.

If you don't have one of these T28 turbos below you ain't saying shit.

GTX2867 = 475 WHP
GTX2971R = 560 WHP

There are a few others, but these 2 are the best of the bunch. Consider them the GT28RS and GT2871R of today.
2016-11-05 18:22:38
Also add the new Garrett Gtx2867r gen 2 to the list. Supports up to 550HP.
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