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Thread: Some thoughts upon Built motor dissasembly

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2010-03-08 00:12:31
and why would you sleeve it and do standard bore?
2010-03-08 00:23:30
Check out their section dude


this might have been a one month only deal but im sure they could do it close to that.

Sticking to the stock bore as the thinner you get the less power its capable of holding. Plus you save on the bore and hone. The sleeves already come set for the 86mm standard size pistons.
2010-03-08 01:17:35
Tghat price just includes the sleeves and install.. no machining. They will not warrany the sleeves from droping if you just pay the 675 for installing the sleeves...
2010-03-08 01:18:57
Ok even then, if i have them do the bore and hone, they will warranty it. They have always warrantied their stuff.
2010-03-08 01:33:40
Ok, I'm telling you what they told me. Unless they do there complete 1475 deal they won't warrenty the sleeves from shifting... they like to do all the machining within a certain window time frame in order to keep everything from shifting. Just saying what they told me....
2010-03-08 01:37:02
same thing here cory
2010-03-08 01:41:57
good to know. Thanks, for the info. Wasnt doubting you man. They have been known to always stand by their work. Thats all i meant by that.
2010-03-08 02:45:49
You didn't have any noticeable slap, so it must have been pretty decent. I can move the pistons around in my bore too, but not a lot. I have 5.5 thousdanths clearance. My old motor had closer to 8 and I could actually HEAR the slap. It sounded like a diesel.

I went with ring gaps of 19, 21, and made no modification to the oil control rings. I feel like a bit tighter on the rings could have been a lil better. I have mild blowby, but on high boost you can tell it is there for sure.

good to know things look pretty good. My compression numbers came out pretty low too. But I am going to keep the motor together until it burns oil or smokes.

Get some good rods. Turbo tuff, pauter, crower etc. I went with pauter because they are strong as **** and they have been the best investment ever. Great rods.
2010-03-08 03:38:27
yeah i know my numbers were low. But really not that bad. its hard to debate. I might want to keep this setup and just see how far i can push it while i build up another block. Again not like i can use these pistons with a higher lift cam than stock ve ones so Im kinda stuck on that part of things.

But its been such a good build and with the ve head the compression numbers should bump up some as well. Lol. Its my first fully built motor that ive put in my car and id hate to see it just get torn down especially when it ran sooo well. I really want to see what i can really push it to.
2010-03-08 03:47:22
also, when there is enough gap with the piston pushed up against the right side of the wall to see down the side to the top ring and see 1/2 the width of the ring that is too much in my opinion. Gotta be getting up there in piston to wall clearance.

The thing with this is there is no evidence on the cylinder walls or skirts of piston slap. And again my motor was absolutely quiet as hell. So again maybe its not as bad as it looks. But it is a lot of movement. I think my 15w50 oil probably helped out keeping cylinder wall and piston skirt wear down.
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