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Thread: Morgans432 dyno numbers

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2010-03-07 04:01:47
Morgans432 dyno numbers

Spill the details with that or I'll be forced to!
2010-03-07 04:09:08
#s ......come on ...
2010-03-07 04:14:41
Details,and #'s..It sounds like it was a good result.
2010-03-07 12:08:42
Dude probably went to sleep lol!

I'll tell and he can be mad at me.

Boost creep to 19psi due to incorrect sizing of wastegate, not the best flowing manifold, open exhaust w/ no downpipe, just turbine housing, and untuned.

He made damn near what I made

2010-03-07 12:37:45
I'm not telling haha I have some new things that are going to be done.
2010-03-07 12:47:09
O C'mon Alex, just say it. We all know that it's the first and last dyno session with that particular setup.

Say it!
2010-03-07 13:02:23
391 its not enough but it will do with an okay tune no exhaust and putting it together in one night and driving 2.5 hours almost dieing from exhaust fumes
2010-03-07 13:14:06

Craziest man I know!
2010-03-07 13:37:59
Oh so that was you they were talking about! You were the highlight of the day, when I got there they were like man it was this guy and the dyno spitting fire from his housing I was like huh who is this crzy fool they talking bout, now I know Sorry I got there so late and missed you guys we'll hook up next meet
2010-03-07 13:58:57
Wish I could've made it to see you guys dyno. Ended up working I'll be at Englishtown May 8th though. Already took off work for it.
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